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Above Ground Swimming Pools

Above ground swimming pools for luxury on a budget

Fancy taking a dip in your own backyard? From flexibility to affordability, the above ground pool is a great way to bring the swimming lifestyle into your backyard, and they're more affordable than you'd think...

When it comes to installing a new swimming pool, above ground pools have many options due to developments in style and features over the years. But with above ground pools being thousands of dollars cheaper than in-ground set-ups, price is still one of the major attractions.

So, what are the benefits of installing an above ground swimming pool?

 DIY friendly

Another benefit of above ground swimming pools is that they don't require professional installation, and DIYers should easily be able to master the job.  Classic pools come with a step-by-step booklet explaining each stage of the installation process, as well as a detailed installation DVD or recommended installers can be utilized.

Aesthetically pleasing

However, if aesthetics are a concern, there are plenty of ways to jazz up the look of an above ground swimming pool. Consider installing the pool either partially or fully in the ground. This is a fabulous way to blend a streamlined pool with creative decking or paving options. There are so many landscaping options for modern above ground pools to enhance your backyard.


Just because above ground pools are more cost effective it doesn?t mean they are any less durable. Classic Pools features a new and exclusive stainless steel pool wall which comes with a massive 30 year limited warranty. Coupled with resin copings the humble above ground pool can make your own backyard paradise.

Visit your nearest above ground pools sales store today to view the many options and models that will suit your family and budget.



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