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fun slide for backyard pools
Classic Fun Slide
big splash slide for swimming pools
Classic Big Splash Slide
classic fun park for backyward swimming pools
Classic Fun Park

Classic Fun Slide

The Classic Fun Slide is one of the most exciting slides for kids. It’s low profile design is easily integrated into any backyard configuration as it only measures 1.5m tall.

  • The slide is made completely out of UV stabilised resin, which stays cool in summer and is made to last.
  • Includes an innovative rotor-moulded polyethylene “flume –style” runway
  • Enclosed ladder for extra safety.
  • Easily mounted to most decks or walk ways
  • Requires no plumbing or water so any pool can easily be enhanced with this slide.
  • Only available in a right hand curve and in light tan colour
  • Maximum load baring capacity 70kg

Classic Big Splash Slide

A great mid- sized slide appropriate for all ages.

  • Complete slide with heavy duty aluminium supports and ladder
  • Manufactured with high quality Fibreglass material
  • UV resistant
  • Available in blue colour only
  • Designed to fix directly to concrete surround or path of pool
  • Able to take weights up to
  • Left hand Curve
  • Maximum weight capacity 120kgs
  • Dimensions Height 1800mm Length 3400mm, Width 500mm

Classic Fun Park

An open-flume style slide this is the ultimate play area for kids.

  • Double platform
  • 360 degrees twister slide for kids

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