Why Classic Pools?

A few reasons why we are the best choice for you…

Classic Pools are at the forefront of above ground pool design and technology, our strong Research and Development team mean we have revolutionised the above ground pool industry.

At a glance Classic Pools:

Creators of the Resin Salt Water Above Ground Pool

Classic Pools is the first company in the world to introduce the Salt Water above ground pool to the market.

Due to constant research and development and understanding the needs of Australian consumers the first Resin above ground pool was introduced by Classic Pools to the market in 1998. Salt water was the natural progression as the new Resin technology provided anti-corrosion and longevity properties.

The Salt Water aboveground and modular pool has been a huge success in the marketplace and Classic pools are constantly researching ways to bring the best possible pool to the market.

Largest Above Ground Pool Retailer in Australia

Classic Pools have over 41 years experience in the above ground pool industry. The passion for the product has seen Classic Pools grow into Australia’s largest above ground pool retailer with a company owned store in every state of Australia.

All of our pool mega mart centres’ feature an extensive display yard showcasing our pools, accessories and options available.

Due to our extensive company network of stores you can rest assured knowing your warranty is handled by Classic Pools here in Australia.

Classic Pools has the largest stockholding of pools in the southern hemisphere.

Multiple National Gold Award Winner

Classic Pools is a multiple gold award winner as judged by the Swimming Pool and Spa Association (SPASA).

In the prestigious SPASA Awards Classic Pools has been judged the Best Above Ground Pool in Australia for the past five consecutive years. This is an amazing achievement is a testament to the quality and versatility a Classic Pools can provide.

Splash Proof Coping

The Classic Majestic Pool and Signature Pool offer innovative Splash Proof copings. Traditionally a gap was present between a pool wall and the coping.

Classic Pools was the first and only company in Australia to rectify this design issue and now have a perfect seal between coping and pool wall meaning less water leaving your pool. The width of the coping on the Majestic and Signature range also prevents water splash out as Classic has the widest coping available in Australia a huge 250mm. In fact a Classic Pool will save up to 80% less of water splash out than most other above ground pools.

You can be rest assured knowing that Classic Pools are on the forefront of above ground pool and modular pool design and are the innovative leaders in the industry.

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